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Through the Darkness (2022)

악의 마음을 읽는 자들 Agui Maeumeul Ilgneun Jadeul People Who Read the Hearts of Evil Inside Criminal Minds Those Who Read the Minds of Evil Those Who Read Hearts of Evil

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Quantity: isode 6.5 raw
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Through the Darkness (2022) is a top K-drama on Lovedrama. You can enjoy Through the Darkness Netflix and watch Through the Darkness full HD quality on this platform.  

Back in the 1990s, the citizens of Seoul were gripped with a paralyzing fear after a series of brutal attacks and murders occurred. A mysterious figure dubbed ‘Red Cap’ was stalking women on the streets then killing his prey, seemingly without provocation. His habit of striking at random made it impossible for the detectives to predict his next move. At the top of their minds is what could be triggering him. Aware of the American F.B.I. and its successful use of criminal profilers to identify serial killers, the head of the Criminal Behavioral Analysis team, Gook Young Soo recruits Song Ha Young, a quiet, reserved, incredibly perceptive former detective for his team. Gook believes using this new psychological method will give the police an edge in capturing 'Red Cap' and ending his killing spree.