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The Silent Criminal (2020)

双夭记 无主之战 Shuang Yao Ji Battle of No Master

Actor: Fu Shu Yang (1995), Leo Li (1990), Li Bao Er, Maeva Lan (1990), Meng Zi Di (1992), Wang Zi Xin (1993), Wen Sheng (1994), Yu Nai Jia (1993)
Writer: 1
Runtime: N/A
Quantity: Episode 13
IMDb Vote: N/A

A wuxia story about the Uniform Embroided Guards who punishes the evil and uphold justice. It revolves around Shi Jingyuan, who finds his direction in life and grows from a small figure to a legendary hero. At the same time, it also tells the story of Emperor Zhu Changqing’s tragic fate, who died before he could realize his ambition of saving the people.

Country: Chinese