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The Long Ballad (2021)

长歌行 Chang Ge Xing Princess Chang Ge Song of the Long March Princess Changge

Genres: Romance, Historical, Wuxia,
Actor: Alen Fang (1992), Cao Xi Yue (1994), Cheng Tai Shen (1971), Dilmurat Dilraba, Feng Jun Jie (VO) (1995), Kudousi Jiang Ainiwaer (1997), Leo Wu (1999), Li Guang Fu (1946), Li Jian Yi (1956), Liu Hai Kuan (1994), Liu Yu Ning (1990), Lu Xing Yu (1973), Mei Li
Director: Chang Jiang [常江] and Chu Yui Bun [朱锐斌]
Writer: 1
Runtime: N/A
Quantity: Episode 49
IMDb Vote: N/A

Watch The Long Ballad Full HD: Li Chang Ge’s family was murdered by Li Shi Min, the Emperor of Tang, during the Xuanwu Gate Incident. She heads to Shuo Province under the guise of a man with hopes of raising an army to kill Li Shi Min to avenge her family’s death. However, as a captain of the army of Shuo Province in Zhangzhou, she loses a siege by the Eastern Turkic Khaganate General Ashina Sun, who takes her to serve him as a personal military strategist.

Adapted from the manhua by Xia Da (夏达).

Country: Chinese

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