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The Gun (2018) episodes

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The Gun (2018)

銃 , Ju , Juu , Gun

Genres: Drama,
Actor: Hirose Alice (1994), Katayama Moemi (1990), Lily Franky (1963), Murakami Nijiro (1997), Okayama Amane (1994)
Writer: 1
Runtime: N/A
Quantity: HD
IMDb Vote: N/A

Toru Nishikawa is a university student who finds a gun on the riverside and decides to take it home. He is excited by the prospect of having the gun. Toru Nishikawa is attracted to Yuko Yoshikawa who attends the same the university. A detective suddenly visits Toru Nishikawa and so he is driven into a corner. He makes his decision…

Country: Japanese