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Romance is a Bonus Book

로맨스는 별책부록 Romance Is a Supplement Romance is a Bonus Book , Romance Supplement

Genres: Romance, light comedy,
Country: ,
Casts: Jung Eugene (1989), Kim Tae Woo, Kim Yoo Mi, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Na Young, Wi Ha Joon (1991)
Status: Completed
Runtime: N/A
Quantity: Episode 16
( 10 điểm /  1  lượt)

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Romance is a Bonus Book 2019 is the top k-drama that you should watch. A rom-com tells about the story of two people in their 30s who know each other from childhood and now develop feelings for each other.

Romance is a bonus book cast includes: 

Chha Eun-ho (Lee Jong-seok) is a brilliant writer who becomes the youngest editor-in-chief of a publishing company. He is tempered at work, but he has a warm heart.

Kang Dani ( Lee Na Young) used to be a copywriter but now she is going through hard times. She is broke and desperately needs a job. Ironically, her resume as a successful copywriter and an excellent educational background makes finding a job more difficult, as employers consider her to be overqualified for every position available. Kang Dani decides to lie about her past and finally gets a job at Cha Eun Ho’s publishing company, where she hopes to have a fresh start.

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Country: Korean