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My Name (2021)

마이네임 네메시스 언더커버 Nemesiseu Eondeokeobeo / Mai Neim/  Maineim / Undercover / Nemesis

Country: ,
Original network: Netflix
Casts: Ahn Bo Hyeon (1988), Han So Hee (1994), Im Ki Hong (1975), Jang Yool (1989), Kim Sang Ho (1970), Lee Hak Joo (1989), Moon Sang Min (2000), Park Hee Soon (1970), Park Hyeong Joon (1994)
Status: Completed
Runtime: N/A
Quantity: Episode 8
( 10 điểm /  1  lượt)

Movies Info

The drama revolves around Yoon Ji Woo (Han Seo Hee), a woman who joins an organized crime group to avenge his father’s death and later goes undercover as police officer.

Choi Moo Jin (Park Hee Sun) is the boss of the biggest drug ring in Korea in Korea. He helps Yoon Ji Woo go undercover in various ways, but his true motives are not easy to understand.

Jeon Pil Do (Ahn Bo Hyun) is a police detective in the Drug Investigation Unit and a former promising judoka. He becomes Yoon Ji Woo’s partner when she joins the police.

Jung Tae Joo (Lee Hak Joo) is Choi Moo Jin’s subordinate. He is Choi Moo Jin’s most trusted henchman.

Cha Ki Ho (Kim Sang Ho) is the head of the Drug Investigation Unit. He owes to take down Choi Moo Jin’s drug ring before he retires.

Do Kang Jae (Jang Yul) is a former member of the drug ring. After he was kicked out, he vowed revenge.

Airs from 10/15/2021 on Fridays.

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Country: Korean