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Late Night Ghost Talk (2021)

심야괴담회 Simyagoedamhoe Midnight Horror Stories

Genres: Horror,
Actor: Fujita Sayuri (1979), Go Eun Ah (1988), Han Seung Yeon (1988), Heo An Na (1984), Hong Yoon Hwa (1988), Hwang Bo Ra (1983), Hwang Je Seong (1982), Hwang Kwang Hee (1988), Jeon So Mi (2001), Jeong Ho Keun (1964), Jeong Hyeong Seok (1974), Jeong Seong Ho (19
Writer: 1
Runtime: N/A
Quantity: Episode 81 sub
IMDb Vote: N/A

The hosts read the scariest horror stories submitted by the public, searching for the best horror storyteller with the spookiest story winning a final prize of 444,444 won.

Country: Korean