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Kunlun Tomb (2022)

昆仑神宫 昆侖神宮 鬼吹灯之昆仑神宫 鬼吹燈之昆侖神宮 鬼吹灯 鬼吹灯之巫峡棺山 Gui Chui Deng Zhi Kun Lun Shen Gong Kun Lun Shen Gong Mojin: Kunlun Shrine Candle in the Tomb: Kunlun Shrine Candle in the Tomb: Raiders of the Wu Gorge

Director: Fei Zhen Xiang [费振翔]
Runtime: N/A
Quantity: Episode 10 sub
IMDb Vote: N/A

Watch Kunlun Tomb Full HD: Hong Kong antique dealer Ming Shu commissions Hu Ba Yi, Wang Kai Xuan and Shirley Yang to look for the glacier corpse within the demonic kingdom from the legends of King Gesar. Having just escaped the "worm" valley, they embark on a new journey to unravel a curse.

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