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Fatal Visit (2019)

致命访问 , 圣荷西谋杀案 , 圣何塞谋杀案 , 聖荷西謀殺案

Genres: Thriller,
Country: ,
Casts: Sammi Cheng (1972)
Status: Completed
Runtime: N/A
Quantity: HD
( 10 điểm /  1  lượt)

Fatal Visit (2019) episodes

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Yanny leaves Hong Kong to escape a love affair gone bad. She goes to San Jose to visit Ling, an old friend she hasn’t seen in years. It seems like Ling and her husband Tang lead an ideal, carefree existence. But during the short span of five days, Yanny uncovers the truth hidden behind the facade as she discovers the unspeakable secrets that propel all three down a fatal path shattering their American dreams and imperiling their lives.

Country: Hong Kong